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HELP us keep BARTON TIDY! Why not be a litter HERO


With the current COVID-19 situation, Keep Britain Tidy have advised against group litterpicks. However you can clear make sure that the space around your home is clean and tidy. Take care when handling litter, and immediately after handling it, wash your hands thoroughly, and avoid touching your face. If you have some gloves do wear them- gardening gloves will be fine0 but again you need to wash your hands carefully.

People from Barton tell us they hate seeing litter. We've arranged several litter picks to improve things, and pulled a huge amount of rubbish from the Brook to help our wildlife. Check out our photos to see some of the rubbish!

We're encouraging people to collect litter when they see it and put it in a bin, and not drop litter.

We're hoping to encourage everyone who has a dog to pick up their dog's poo.

No one wants to step in this!

We have some lovely FREE BARTON LITTERHERO Bags, with all you need to do some local litter picking. These are available NOW. Get in touch if you would like one.
Watch this space and our Facebook page 'Beautiful Barton' for future litter picking events.

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